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Episode 169 - Power Nerd Style

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Day 147- New Job

Wow! I look tired in this video. Time for sleep!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 143 - Love Talk with Matthew Emphatic

Youtube is messing with my video size! And when I re-size it, bad things happen. So here's a straight link, sorry:
Link to full size video

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Day 136 - Slurpie Cat

Since I will be camping this weekend I will post this video tonight. Hopefully Matt Emphatic and Aaron Emphatic will cover for me on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks!

Day 135 - Zombie Talk

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Day 129 - Matt's Challenge, Inanimate Objects

I actually missed a day! Oiy oiy oiy, I'm really sorry everyone. :-( But here is the video I should have posted yesterday:

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Day 125 - Inspired!

Day 124- Return to Roots

Due to a computer crash, I am working with one hand tied behind my back at the moment. I was able to save all my data, but have not returned my video software to the computer. I thought the emphatics might appreciate a return to the beginning. I think it is clear we have become better at making videos, and frankly, a bit more emphatic to boot.

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Day 114 - Animatronics

I didn't have time in the post to mention the uber-realistic (and thus creepy) new animatronics of Johnny Depp's Captain Sparrow (in the Pirates of the Caribbean) and Obama (in the Hall of Presidents).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 111 - Long Sunday

Hopefully it goes without saying but just to be especially clear: the happy hour mentioned in the above video is for sushi plates only, nothing more.

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Day 97- Special Skills

Other things on my resume:
Costume Construction, Playwright, Driver’s License, Alto Saxophone, Didgeridoo, Marching Band, Mask Making, Quarter Staff, Basic Rapier, Dagger, Dialects: Irish, Standard RP, Southern, German

Crocodile eats Monkey

Aaron has not posted for two days. Pretend this crocodile is the embodiment of the other Emphatics and Aaron is the monkey. This is actual footage taken while the Emphatics were on safari.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 92 - An old movie from Matt's past

Those who have been watching Emphatics for a while may have picked up clues that our project is inspired by the Vlog brothers (Hank and John Green). What loyal Emphatics may NOT realize, though, is that our family has been making videos for years and years.

Being my turn today, I've chosen to post an older video. It's for funsies, just to give you a little taste of the absurdity that was pre-Emphatics.

As always, thank you all for your fun participation and comments!! One viewer even showed me a site she had started with a few of her friends, a site that looks a lot like Emphatics. How fun!!! Now if only I can convince all the rest of you to start up projects like this as well. ;-)

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Day 89- 51 Garage Sale Things

This was the video I tried to upload the last week.

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Aaron tried to upload a video and then left town for a long weekend. Looks like it didn't upload!

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Day 72 - Response

All my comments about my hair vote in the sidebar will come in my next post (and yes I am aware that many people cheated to up the mohawk count).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 69- Dance Dance Matthew Emphatic

This is a punishment video for a previous video of mine being overtime. Enjoy!

Day 68- flickr-punishing-job-hunting-late-night-glory

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Day 60- Questions

This one was a hard one to edit. I ended up cutting around 15 questions, so the ones left seem a bit random. Sorry about that. Three min. is hard!

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Day 54- Facial Hair, Spiders, and Dancing!

Making a video on college group Bible study night, too fun!

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Fayette Emphatic gave me a punishment to do a 2 minute infomercial. Here are the cabin fever induced results:

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Boomerangs, tumors, and Matt's punishment

Finishing the challenge -- 3 minute art piece (3 of them)

So not sure if I'll get a punishment or not for posting too late because I had the video done by 10PM but then youtube was down for maintenance. Hmm... so youtube gets the punishment?

Also, I took the art challenge and convinced two others to take the challenge as well. So if my portion bores you then jump to the other two. Thanks!

Monday, June 1, 2009

3 minute art challenge

I accept the challenge of spartacus21. This is my 3 minute attempt at art. This was Aaron's day to post but he has a big audition tonight. I will be away this weekend and Aaron has agreed to cover for my absence if I will cover for him tonight.

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Day 39- Sleep Deprivation

This is a homage to That 70's Show 360 discussions.

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Day 31, Psycho

Day 31 of the Emphatics Blog, Fayette Emphatic explores the horror genre and employs techniques from the master of horror, Alfred Hitchcock. Sorry for the blurry parts. I liked the idea of having my head floating in a black room/space but didn't realize the camera would have so much trouble focusing. If you look at the original Psycho footage, however, you will see that my film is not much worse. heh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 30- Technology Hates Me

So. Here's the deal:
1. I (Aaron Emphatic) was supposed to post yesterday. I made plans to sit down at night and edit my video from Graduation. But leave it to my friends to screw that up completely. They drove me to a friend's house and threw me a surprise graduation party. I was stuck there until the wee hours of the morning without my computer and without a link to the internet. So no video yesterday.
2. Today, I sit down with my new camera and upload all of my footage. My camera saves files in mp4 format. I edit using Windows Media Player. WMP does not recognize mp4 format and won't allow me to edit a single video clip. fml.
3. I spend 2 and a half hours trying to download codecs and file format converters to remedy the situation. None of them work. (Well, the converters work, but take a lifetime to do even the smallest task...).
4. Conclusion to the story is that I need to go purchase better video editing software. One that will not ruin my life.

My next post will be a graduation post. I promise. Until then... a video that many of you have seen already:
The Modern Man.

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Day 26- Matt's Love Life

Of course the funniest thing is that this whole post is made up, and in no way is based upon actual facts and/or events. It's all a wonderfully imagined world of fantasy and non-reality.

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Day 22 - 51 Things in my Garage

Most of them belong to Aaron.

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Day 13- Aaron Rant Rap

Aaron needs a short break so we posted in his place.

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Day 10- Guest Emphatic

So. Here's the deal. I was swamped today, and didn't have time to create something magical for you all to see, so I enlisted the help of my friend Jamie. She is my guest artist- filling in.

If you are familiar with the SNL Target Lady, this will make sense. If not... just google it on youtube or whatever. Sorry its more than 3 min...

I promise my next video will be awesome, and all me.



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Day 9- The Scorpion Hunt

Aaron has agreed to switch days with me. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 8- If I were...

The challenge for this round was to tell a little bit about ourselves.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 7- The Challenge

I'm beginning to think our family is not normal. Oh well!

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Day 3- Dropped Call

The colors in this video are ridiculous! Argh!

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Day 1- The Rules

This first video was posted by Fayette Emphatic. The project has begun!