Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 31, Psycho

Day 31 of the Emphatics Blog, Fayette Emphatic explores the horror genre and employs techniques from the master of horror, Alfred Hitchcock. Sorry for the blurry parts. I liked the idea of having my head floating in a black room/space but didn't realize the camera would have so much trouble focusing. If you look at the original Psycho footage, however, you will see that my film is not much worse. heh.


  1. "Fortunately, the chocolate syrup was on sale." HAHAHA!! This video is hilarious.

    Also, I'm about to prove how much of a Nerdfighter I am (you proved that you're one by knowing the chocolate syrup used as blood fact), but during the shower scene Hitchcock wanted a really genuine scream so he secretly ordered for the water to go from hot to instantly freezing cold on the actress.

    And it worked!

  2. I think that our imaginations can take us much further than if it is actually shown to us. Hence "red skin". It also works with music. Think Da Dum Da Dum (Jaws theme) - 2 notes. I think it was Friday the 13th that was shown to a test audience without a music score - nothing, too campy. Add DA da da DA da DA da da DA da, and suddenly it was scary. Chocolate syrup on sale - too funny! Love the boys posts, but you, Fayette Emphatic, are the master.

  3. There was something profoundly sad about watching all that yummy chocolate go down the drain.

  4. Found this recently:

    Which is funny I suppose, and Psycho related, but the funniest by far would have to be: