Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 34 - Sleep Deprivation and the Rat Race


  1. Fascinating. I must say there is a difference between simply staying awake, and staying awake while constantly moving. I would say the testers were putting added emotional and physical strain on those rats. I however, do not run in place for the duration of my awake time. Just a thought...

    I don't have "sleep drunkenness"... but did you speed this video up? You sound like you're talking faster than normal at the beginning. Or maybe I'm just dizzy with lack of sleep. lol.

    And I am ok with testing on rats... most of our medical drugs has been found using rats and almost all of our current cancer research is done using them. Medical research and rats aside, I am against animal testing. Especially when it comes to cosmetics, or anything non-medical. My question would be, if we are ok with rats... where do we draw that line? Is it the animals' size that makes it ok? And if that be the case, where is the cut-off weight... or rather... species?

    Either way, PITA is probably throwing a fit over that electrical grid, despite whatever the research shows.

  2. Why yes, you did catch me...I figured out how to say more in 3 minutes...just speed yourself up a little. LOL Oh...I figured out how to slow things down, too. I sort of like the contrast of me all "buzzed up" when the two of you are dragging around with no sleep. heh...Anyways, there are some very interesting documentary type videos on sleep deprivation on the internet....and it shows that sleep deprivation really and truly is very dangerous. Get some sleep!

  3. I propose it was the excercise that killed the rats, not the lack of sleep!

  4. I disagree with Aaron -- my busy life is not noticeably different from the constant electric shocks those rats were feeling. >-< I would contact PITA to ask them to help me but I know they're pretty pro-animal and not so pro-human (from what I've seen).

    Sigh, oh well. The rat race continues.