Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 30- Technology Hates Me

So. Here's the deal:
1. I (Aaron Emphatic) was supposed to post yesterday. I made plans to sit down at night and edit my video from Graduation. But leave it to my friends to screw that up completely. They drove me to a friend's house and threw me a surprise graduation party. I was stuck there until the wee hours of the morning without my computer and without a link to the internet. So no video yesterday.
2. Today, I sit down with my new camera and upload all of my footage. My camera saves files in mp4 format. I edit using Windows Media Player. WMP does not recognize mp4 format and won't allow me to edit a single video clip. fml.
3. I spend 2 and a half hours trying to download codecs and file format converters to remedy the situation. None of them work. (Well, the converters work, but take a lifetime to do even the smallest task...).
4. Conclusion to the story is that I need to go purchase better video editing software. One that will not ruin my life.

My next post will be a graduation post. I promise. Until then... a video that many of you have seen already:
The Modern Man.


  1. :-( I am sorry to hear about all this, Aaron. Vegas Movie Studio is really good for PC... when it first came out it was $100, so not sure what it would cost nowadays. They've probably added a lot of capabilities to it.

    But again, sorry to hear about the technology troubles. We are looking forward to having you full force soon!!!

  2. Happy Graduation Aaron Emphatic! Thanks for posting - you Emphatics have become one of my first sites of the day, and always brighten it up. I missed ya'll! BTW Great dancing Matt!

  3. I guess we'll have to get you the movie making software for a graduation present.

  4. I can chip in if it means getting Aaron up to full capabilities! I have a feeling his videos will be amazing when all of these tinier hurdles are overcome.

    Also, thank you MJ for your kind comments!! We sometimes say that we post regardless of audience, but truth is it's always a thrill to find out someone has seen one of the videos and it brought a smile to their face. :-D