Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 141- No Fight!

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  1. :-) Aaron, first off I agree with your thoughts on fighting. That's why I erased my comments off of facebook for that one post. I like debate, you know, but I think our entire family are pacifists and that carries into the way we interact with others, I believe.

    And I didn't say you were a bum and all that other stuff.. I said that YOU said you were a bum and all that other stuff. I was referencing the things you've said about yourself (like in your blog, on facebook, whatevs).

    So no disrepect intended, I was just trying create a light-hearted moment about you missing a post a few days ago. We've been doing Emphatics for half a year now --- I'm thrilled by what you and mom have committed and I think the videos will only improve with time, yeah-ah.

    Anyway, I love you little brother. I hope you know that.