Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creativity Defined?

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  1. Oh I totally agree, I think any/everything can be done creatively. The challenge was meant as an encouragement to try something new, possibly in a medium you're unfamiliar with.

    Hegel called his art system "The Five Arts," consisting of architecture, sculpture, painting, music and poetry. Though at the time I thought it was unrealistic to ask us to build a structure so I split writing into two. And then in the comments Susan reminded me of music.

    Side note --- architecture takes a concept and makes it into a very direct/concrete final product. Poetry, on the other hand, (what Hegel would call "the highest art") uses words as vehicles and often the starting idea is detached or related in a more complicated way to the final work. "Poetry strives to be philosophy."

    But again, I'm with y'all, all arts are totally equal, yes? It's that crazy Hegel who considered poetry the highest art. ;-)